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Name:The Psiioniic
Birthdate:Jan 2

> Be The Psiioniic

Warning: This journal contains various dark subject matter including things such as slavery, bipolar disorder, depression, self harm, suicide attempts, sexual assault, body horror, and other things.

The Box

You are THE PSIIONIIC and you have been dragged into HORROR BULLSHIT HELL. The Box, known also as 'the killing floor', is torture porn for the whole family to enjoy and you are PRETTY GODDAMN SICK OF IT after being introduced via A LITERAL FUCKING BOMB. Fortunately, being from Alternia, you are well versed in getting the SHORT END OF THE FUCK YOU STICK. Even more fortunately, against all odds, you've made lots of friends and allies.

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Midnight Syndicate

There aren't many things worst than being GRAFTED INTO A SHIP and being forced to power it, so maybe being drafted as a sex worker by being forced to drink some fucked up wine isn't the worst thing that could happen. But, on principe, YOU'RE STILL PISSED. At least this is not particularly new territory. Now if only you could get over your ridiculous desire to BABYSIT EVERY LOSER that comes into sight of your gander globes, maybe you'd be a bit better off...

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You are The Helmsman and frankly you have no idea how you're still existing. IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD which you could frankly not give two shits about after so long in service. However, you've been found by A DEAR FRIEND and some RANDOM CURLY HORNED CHICK. You're pretty sure you're still ACTIVELY HALLUCINATING. But now you're here at this little place called the Bastion and apparently everyone is just trying to survive. THIS SURE IS A DRUG TRIP.

Bastion App


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